The Season So Far

Well, because we are 30+ games into the season before the creation of this blog, I’d figure I would post about the team so far. Obviously, if you have been paying any attention, the team is quite terrible. It isn’t just one or two things either, it’s pretty much everything starting with everyone.

Let’s start with the offensive side of the ball. The Cavs simply don’t get easy baskets. Almost all of their offensive threats are jump shooters. None of them can easily get to the basket. Ramon Session is probably the only guard/forward who trys to get to the basket on a regular basis and even he isn’t very good at it (at least when it comes to converting). This team has absolutely no back to the basket threats at all. I was hoping going in to the season that Hickson would take up that role, but he has regressed. If he scores, it is either from a bad decision jumper, a pick and roll to the basket, or some alley-oop. Other than that, he isn’t scoring. That leaves the Cavs with Daniel Gibson, Mo Williams, and Antawn Jamison as the only guys who can score on a regular basis. All of them are going to get the bulk of their points from jump shots. It just isn’t a good recipe for efficient offense.

Incredibly, the defensive end is probably even worse. The best defender on the team, Anderson Varejao, is limited in his role because he’s a big man who can’t block shots. However, he is still leaps and bounds ahead of the next best defender on the team, Daniel Gibson. Gibson plays hard on defense and stays down in his stance, but he is a very small guard who can easily be muscled. The rest of the team ranges from below average (Anthony Parker) to downright terrible (Antawn Jamison) in terms of defensive ability. They don’t close out well on threes. They don’t contend shots at the rim. They don’t stop dribble penetration. The only thing this team reasonably well is rebound the ball (4th in the league in defensive rebounding rate).

The team is also in a state of flux. Players know they are being shopped heavily, especially the “stars” of the team (Jamison, Mo Williams, Anderson Varejao) and younger guys are getting some run. The problem, none of the younger guys are either ready or have any real talent. Eyenga got some real play for the first time the other night, and while one can clearly see his athleticism he was completely lost on the defensive end. He just isn’t ready to contribute in any meaningful way.

That’s basically it for this team so far. It’s been hard to watch. It’s going to be even harder to write about. Hopefully, the trade deadline brings some nice changes (I will be writing on this later, and specifically what I hope to see) to alleviate some of the pain.


About fyatroll

I'm a recent college graduate who is waiting to head to law school. I figured I'd use my down time to write about something that I truly enjoy, the Cleveland Cavaliers.
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  1. Martin says:

    Welcome to the community. Look forward to reading your stuff man.

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