Game Recap #39: Cavaliers 99- Jazz 121

Another brilliantly awful showing by the Cavaliers tonight. I could be overly optimistic and tell you that there were some bright spots, but there really weren’t. The defense continues to be non-existent and is actually getting worse. The turnovers continue to be a huge problem on offense, including some circus clown stuff in the 4th quarter. Mo Williams continues to build entire villages with the amount of bricks he’s throwing up. There is just nothing good to talk about, but I guess I’ll try at some point during this recap.

Efense because There is no D.

If the game of basketball were a dragon, then the Cavalier’s entire defense, everything included, would be a big time, bad ass dragon slayer. Specifically, it would be Dennis Quaid in DragonHeart, seeking out the very last of the entire dragon race to extinguish it from the world. If the Cavalier’s defense is allowed to continue like this, basketball as we know it might cease to exist. It is a devourer of worlds the likes of which no one can withstand.

In all seriousness, it is really, really bad. I wouldn’t be surprised if by the end of the season it is one of, if not the worst team in the history of the NBA at defending the 3-point line. They, and by they I mean Ramon Sessions and Mo Williams, continue to have no clue on how to correctly defend a screen and roll. Over and over tonight, they went under the high screen and simply let Deron Williams shoot wide open threes. It’s as if they thought Deron Williams was actually a blind man who accidently wandered onto the court and managed to snag a starting job for the Utah Jazz. Little did they know that Deron Williams is actually a very capable shooter. Amazingly, even after he hit a bunch of long jumpers, they continued to play him the same way. It’s as if they somehow believed Deron Williams would stop shooting open 3s. He didn’t. They kept going in. This type of effort continued the whole night on defense.

On the inside, the Cavaliers have mastered the art of not talking. That’s right, instead of learning how to communicate, this team has decided it better to not talk to each other. This led to many an open cutter off of Jazz back screens. Maybe the Cavs are going for some sort of wind talker type of communication here. They will revolutionize the NBA if that is indeed what they are trying to accomplish. I’m not so sure though.

The Light in the Midst of the Black Hole. Yes, that is Impossible.

Oy, I don’t even like doing this. Anyone that I talk about here will have just finished playing horribly horrible defense. But, we can’t be all negative all the time can we?

J.J. Hickson played with some real energy on the boards tonight. It’s probably the hardest I’ve seen him work in months on the boards. He also had a pretty solid shooting night, and not just because he made most of his shots. He didn’t take many bad shots, which included nearly no jumpers whatsoever. However, he was still forcing things, making some really stupid plays, and doing typical JJ things. Every time he actually got an offensive rebound, he seemed to think that meant he was supposed to shoot. Not that he could shoot, no no, that if he didn’t shoot after an offensive rebound the world would end and his family would die some horrible death. HE HAD TO SHOOT THAT BALL WHEN HE GOT AN OFFENSIVE REBOUND EVERY, SINGLE TIME!! It led to some laughable attempts. This, by the way, is totally ignoring the fact that Hickson on defensive is still a horrifying nightmare so frightening that you would rather fall asleep only to be greeted by Freddy Krueger than watching Hickson’s feeble attempts to be a competent defender. Yea, this is the best I could do to find a bright spot. So, one more time, GO HICKSON!!

Oh My God, Are These Guys Actually Paid to Play this Game?

I had to talk about the sequence of events in the second half that nearly made me wish I was watching a girl’s high school basketball game as opposed to the garbage on my television. Hickson got a defensive rebound, turned, dribbled a couple of times, and threw the ball away. Sounds silly, but it is far worse than that. The point guard at the time, Ramon Sessions, turned and looked at Hickson only to find Hickson was in an awkward position. Ramon’s decision was to then continue running up the court instead of going to help his big man and get the ball out of his hands. This is an NBA point guard who decided he would rather his PF/C to bring the ball up the court instead of going to get it himself. Next trip down the court, Hickson again got the defensive rebound, turned and this time found an open Jamario Moon for the outlet pass. Jamario decided it would be best to have the ball slide through his hands and then kicked it to the other team.

Ladies and gents, your 2010-2011 Cleveland Cavaliers!!!!


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I'm a recent college graduate who is waiting to head to law school. I figured I'd use my down time to write about something that I truly enjoy, the Cleveland Cavaliers.
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