Game Recap #45: Cavs 95 – Celtics 112

Exactly what you expected. I wish I had written a recap for last night’s game, because I would be doing a total 180 turn-around tonight. Oh well.

There is that 3-point defense

THERE WE GO!! Celtics shot 11-24, 45%, from 3. That’s more like it. The last few games the Cavs have defended the line a little better but tonight they regressed back towards the mean. It makes me sad, because I was hoping the improvement at guarding the 3-point shot was more than just a flash in the pan. It wasn’t.

Random thoughts

Not really sure what Daniel Gibson was doing tonight. Only took 3 shots. That simply isn’t enough for a guy with his type of game. If he isn’t shooting, he isn’t very valuable to the team.

On the other hand, Eyenga decided he would make up for that by taking 15 shots in 28 minutes. That should be Gibson’s shot total, not Eyenga’s.

Hickson….oy. I was ripping Hickson last night so I just won’t say anything tonight. He’ll have one of these good games and follow it up with about 5 straight really bad games. Don’t let this single game fool you though. Don’t let the impression of his recent play fool you. He’s shooting 36% (a PF people…) in his last 5 games. So, I’m asking you to fight the urge to yet again buy into Hickson because of one game. If you don’t, you will ultimately be let down by Hickson yet again.

My one brightspot was the bench tonight. Graham, Samuels, Harris, and for my money Hollins, all played ok tonight. Yes, I said ok. That’s about the best thing this team can do at this point.

Anyway, it’s what you knew was coming. After a really tough loss last night (a couple of comments on that forthcoming), there was no way this team was going to be close to Boston on the second end of a back-to-back. They weren’t going to be close to Boston no matter the circumstance, actually. Basically, if you didn’t watch the game, this is the game you would have imagined in your head happening. Same old, same old.

Now, that game last night

I have to talk about a couple of things from last night.

First of all, the no-call on the Hollins foul attempt was a joke. Say what you want about what Hollins should have done, but he was smacking the guy in the back over and over. In the other 47 minute of the game, that’s a foul every single time. Nothing, and I mean nothing angers me more than referees suddenly changing the rules for the last minute of a game in any sport. It’s so counterproductive to everything. Players are used to calls going one way, then suddenly the calls go another all because the time on the clock has changed and it’s now the final minute. Why? Who gave refs the idea that they are simply allowed to ignore the rules at whatever time they so choose? Because that is what they do. Sorry, but it just pisses me off to no end.

JJ Hickson. I’ve got to get my Hickson hatefest on here. I’ll do nothing but point out a fantastic stretch of 45 seconds in the 4th quarter where Hickson failed miserably.

Cavs are on offense, and with SIXTEEN seconds to go in the shot-clock, Hickson decides it’s time to take a contested jumper. In a tight game, it was one of the biggest wastes of possessions I’ve seen. Hickson took 19 shots in 24 minutes. He made 6 of them. He wasted a lot of possessions.

After the terrible shot, Devin Harris is on a one man fast break. He makes a move, gets by his defender (Sessions) and the only thing between he and the basket is JJ Hickson. At about the time Harris gets to the FT line, Hickson takes a giant leap left to guard nothing and lets Harris get an uncontested lay-up. When I saw the replay, I couldn’t stop laughing. Classic JJ Hickson. Terrible shot on offense followed by a WTF play on defense.

Let’s just say, I have very little faith in Hickson and highly doubt he will be on this team when it is hopefully ready to compete again. Sometimes, players like this need to be traded in order to understand that they have to actually think, pay attention, and learn in order to be a good player. I fear this is what Hickson needs.


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I'm a recent college graduate who is waiting to head to law school. I figured I'd use my down time to write about something that I truly enjoy, the Cleveland Cavaliers.
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