Game Recap #47: Cavaliers 87- Magic 103


I mean it’s exactly what you thought it would be. A total and complete annihilation from the opening tip. As soon as I saw JJ Hickson guarding Dwight Howard, I laughed histarically. What else should I have done? Here we have one of the dumbest defenders in the league guarding the best big men in the league. AND HE’S INCREDIBLY UNDERSIZED?? Yea, if the game was close, Dwight could have EASILY went 30-30 in this one.

The Offense: Can it POSSIBLY be worse than the defense?

Probably not, but my god is it close. We don’t have a single player on this team who can create a quality shot for either himself or someone else. When you see Anthony Parker dribbling, crossing-over, and hoisting a contested 20 footer off the bounce….and then think that was one of the better shots of the night, you know your offense is bad. No amount of execution can fix a team that literally has no offensive talent. Talent wins every day, and when they are this outmatched at every spot, they will struggle to find quality looks. They did tonight.

Jamison was terrible. He does what he normally does. Take contested jumpers. If they go in, it’s a good night. If they don’t, it’s a bad night. I still won’t criticize Jamison, because this is what he’s been for his entire career. Look at his season numbers, they are almost identical to his career numbers. What am I supposed to be angry about? It isn’t like we didn’t have a large amount of sample data on the guy. We knew he wouldn’t be improving at this point in his career. He is what he is. It will continue to be that way.

Hickson…eh. I hate to start saying he is what he is so soon in his career, but it’s getting close to that time. The difference between he and Jamison is that Jamison can actually hit a jump-shot occasionally, while Hickson has zero offensive moves of his own. If he doesn’t score off of a put back, pick and roll, or in the open court, then he doesn’t have much to fall back on. Yet, he continues to shoot the ball as if he does. I have a problem with a guy who continues to try and play well above his capabilities, and that is what Hickson does on a nightly basis on offense. Tonight was no different.

Gibson just isn’t nearly as good as many people want to believe he is. He doesn’t create for others. He doesn’t finish well around the rim. He’s a nice spot-up shooter who sometimes gets hot and can start draining jumpers even when guarded. Other than that there isn’t much to be excited about. It was hard to even remember him being on the court tonight. He was such a non-factor. Of course, I think I can probably say that about the entire team.

 I will post my some trade thoughts later this week, but I’m one of the few Cav’s fans who wouldn’t miss Gibson to much. I’m not saying trade him for scraps (his contract isn’t all that bad), but we should certainly be open to hearing offers.

Dwight Howard must have thought this was a joke

When he saw JJ Hickson man up with him one-on-one, he had to be thinking he was in a dream world. He did whatever he wanted the entire night. He got every rebound he went after. He got every look a big man could dream of. He got lob after lob. It was a feast for Howard. Like I said, had the Cavs (Jamison) been hot and kept the game close, Howard might have played harder, and actually played the 4th. If that was the case, he would have had the easiest 30-30 we’ve ever seen since Wilt. It would have been a disappointment had he not went 40-30. But, alas, these are the Cavaliers and they aren’t very good. The game was never close and by the second half Howard had taken it down a notch. He put up 20-20 in just three quarters of work.

Now, I could blame Hickson or Hollins, but why? We know they are severly outmatched here. There was nothing they could do. That’s what happens when you’re the worst team in the league going up against the best big man in the league. You simply get dominated. Oh well.

That said, the defense gave up in the 2nd half. Ryan Anderson was just getting wide-open look after wide-open look and then smacking the Cavs around on the boards. It was quite a site to see Ryan Anderson fly right down the lane and get an easy tip-dunk with no one as much as giving him a mean look as he did it. It was just a really awful to behold.

The obligatory Manny Harris/Samardo Samuels

I’m the little, black rain cloud. I could care less about their meaningless stats. Anyone can have a nice game when the game is already decided. I hate to say that, but it’s true. There is simply nothing to be excited about here. It’s the NBA, and because the NBA is the best basketball talent in the world, no team is going to score 10 points. An NBA team is bound to score 70+ points and they simply must come from somewhere. Tonight, they came from Manny Harris and Samardo Samuels. It really means nothing more than that.


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I'm a recent college graduate who is waiting to head to law school. I figured I'd use my down time to write about something that I truly enjoy, the Cleveland Cavaliers.
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