Game Recap #52: Cavaliers 96- Mavericks 99

The record is theirs. They will own this number until the day they die. They know this. They didn’t want this. And for the first time in months, the team collectively played like they wanted to stop losing. It was quite amazing to watch. I, for one, was positive this team would lay down and die tonight and forever have #25 be remembered as one of the worst games in one of the worst streaks in professionaly sport’s history. I was wrong.

I won’t delve to deeply into this game. It was one really good team beating one really bad team. I mean, if the Cavaliers were even an ok team they would have won this game tonight. Anytime Jamison and Hickson outplay Dirk and Chandler, a team should win the game. But not this team. They were simply outgunned, specifically from the bench. Jason Terry killed the Cavaliers in the 4th, but that was bound to happen.

Sessions continues to put up numbers that give me pause. So does Hickson. So does Eyenga. So does Jamison.

So, this is the problem I have with evaluating this team. I hear and read people from all walks of life talking about how bad Jamison is. Yet, I see the numbers he continues to put up and then compare those numbers with say, Ramon Sessions, and wonder why the difference of opinion. Why is it Jamison sucks, but Sessions doesn’t? Well, the obvious answer is that people THINK Sessions has a future, while Jamison clearly does not.

My concern: this team has won 8 games. The fact that we have multiple players having nice box scores but yet continue to lose, and lose, and lose tells me one thing. We have a bunch of Zach Randolph’s on this team. Guys who can make the box score look good but have no impact on the game. How does this happen? Easy. The box score largely measures offense. So, we have a bunch of guys who like to play offense but have no clue how to play defense. It’s why I still have no idea about Sessions, have no hope for Hickson, and why everyone wants Jamison out of town. So, I guess my point is, temper your excitement over Sessions recent run and Hickson’s recent play. Remember there are two sides to the court, and these guys are only playing on one.

That said, they played pretty damn well on defense in the second half. Holding the Mavericks to 40 second half points at home SHOULD be enough for a win. Problem: They gave up 59 in the first half. But still, I will compliment this team for holding a great team, at home, to under 100 points, 41% shooting from the field, and 31% shooting from 3. It was honestly their best defensive effort in the last two months.

I continue to like Eyenga. You can see the flashes every game. His athletic ability combined with his length can be quite the shut-down defender. His shooting stroke is better than his percentages have been, so I have hope that one day soon his percentages start reflecting his stroke. If becomes nothing more than a reliable jump-shooter and a lock-down defender, I’ll be extremely happy.

That’s all I have for tonight. Sorry for the absence, but the weekend was pretty crazy. 25 game losing streak, but at least this one was the best effort of the bunch.


About fyatroll

I'm a recent college graduate who is waiting to head to law school. I figured I'd use my down time to write about something that I truly enjoy, the Cleveland Cavaliers.
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