Game Recap #54: Clippers 119- Cavaliers 126



It’s over. Finally. The Cavs won. My god, does it feel good to say that. It took monsterous efforts from multiple players, overtime, and some very questionable calls, but they won. I’ll take it.


Easy decision for game MVP for me. The guy played his ass off. He made a purposeful effort to push the ball every, single time. He got the Cavs to play fast and that’s how they have to play if they feel like winning some games on occasion. He had 14 assists, and almost all of them were REAL assists. What I mean by that is that most of his assists led directly to an easy bucket for someone. He didn’t rack up many assists by passing to a player who then took and made a turn-around, fade-away jumper. Guys like Hickson, Eyenga, and Hollins were getting easy dunks and lay-ups because of a Mo Williams pass.

Besides his passing, he hit the two biggest shots of the game for the Cavaliers. The first one came after a massive Hickson block on Griffin which led to a Cavaliers fast-break and a Mo Williams 3. That put the Cavs up by 4 and gave them the momentum for the rest of the game. Then, with 6 seconds to go, Mo hit a step-back jumper to tie the game and eventually sent the game into overtime. Mo was huge.

However, does it not start to give you caution about the Sessions hype you’ve been reading? People pulling up box-scores over the last 5 games about how great Session has been? We all admit Mo isn’t the future, yet in his first game back you can clearly see that Mo simply plays the position better than Sessions. He is a better passer, better shooter, and amazingly a better defender (a knock on Sessions more than a compliment of Mo). If Mo isn’t the future, why is Sessions? It goes to show what I’ve been preaching, SOMEONE HAS TO GET STATS!! Sessions has just happened to be the guy getting assists, because literally no one else on the team can pass the ball effectively. So, the assist numbers fell to Sessions.

One game doesn’t prove everything, but it surely proves that Sessions isn’t so good that we pass on Kyrie Irving.

Hickson and Jamison

Putting them together because they need to be compared and contrasted. Both played fantastic ball tonight. Jamison hit multiple big time jumpers, including the game-sealing 3. Hickson, for maybe the first time since last year, decided to NOT force the issue on offense. He didn’t try to split double teams with a dribble. He didn’t try to make fade-away jumpers. He didn’t try some silly spin-move in the post. He simply rebounded the ball on the offensive end, and allowed Mo Williams to set him up for easy dunks. It’s what I’ve always wanted. I simply want him to play within his limitations on offense. He doesn’t have to create for himself. He can’t do it. I’m ok with that. But for the love of god, if you can’t create for yourself, STOP TRYING TO CREATE FOR YOURSELF. Finally, tonight, he did just that.

Defensively, Hickson was the best I’ve ever seen him. As mentioned earlier, he had a monster block on Griffin that resulted in a Mo William’s 3 and the momentum. He bodied Griffin up later in the 4th and into overtime and forced a couple of Griffin misses. He had the game saving block on a Baron Davis lay-up attempt (although I will admit, I think it was a goal tend). It was easily Hickson’s best all-around game of his career.

My point is this, everyone is going to talk about the greatness of Hickson and no one is going to discuss Antawn Jamison. You see, Cavs fans are supposed to believe that Hickson is the future and Jamison is the team killer. I get it. Folks want to have hope that their young guys are going to be great players while the old guys are holding them back. It isn’t the case. Both guys played well TONIGHT. But just like most of you won’t let this one game change your opinion of Jamison, you shouldn’t let this one game change your opinion of Hickson, either. Hickson still had some body numbing, stupid defensive plays. They usually occur when he’s asked to help defend the pick and roll. If he can’t correct these problems, he will never be a great player. Useful? Maybe. A great back-up? Possibly. A guy in which a 9-45 team can look to hold on to and build around? Not even close. He still has a lot of work to do before the guy becomes untouchable in the trade market.

Now, it’s on to the Wizards game. I’m not taking to much out of this game, and you shouldn’t either. It was 1 win out of the last 27 games. It was at home, against a bad Clippers team that has been struggling after losing its’ best perimeter player and best scorer (Eric Gordon) and it took Jamison’s, Hickson’s, and Mo William’s best games of the season to win in overtime. Basically, it took the Cavs playing THEIR VERY BEST TO BEAT A BAD, INJURED TEAM AT HOME…IN OVERTIME. Not sure that’s much of a building block.


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I'm a recent college graduate who is waiting to head to law school. I figured I'd use my down time to write about something that I truly enjoy, the Cleveland Cavaliers.
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2 Responses to Game Recap #54: Clippers 119- Cavaliers 126

  1. Robert says:

    I think the main point of Hickson vs. Antawn is this: Antawn, while not always making the smartest play, generally does not play basketball nearly as dumb as Hickson. BUT Hickson made some plays on offense AND defense tonight – and that’s not something we can ever expect from ‘Tawn, as much as I like the guy. Antawn’s a good player, no doubt – but being 6’9″ and shooting a (mostly) low percentage and shooting from outside so much makes it tough for him to put up the numbers he does without taking a Kobe-like number of shots and (maybe?) impacting overall team success.

  2. Rich says:

    My only point was this: People will be all over the “Hickson is the future” motto after last night, yet people will not even mention the Jamison game. Just trying to say don’t make to much out of one game, because if you did then you might start thinking this team should hang on to Antawn Jamison.

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