Around the NBA: Power Rankings

I’ve decided that I’ll do a power rankings list from here untill the end of the season. Why? Because I think it’s fun. It’s only going to be a short list of the top five teams, but it makes me feel important. On with the list!

  1. San Antonio Spurs– No explanation should be needed. When you are this far ahead of the rest of the league in terms of W-L then there really isn’t a debate to be had.
  2. Dallas Mavericks– Dallas is hot again and looking like a serious contender out West. They have some of the best wins of the season and if it hadn’t been for Dirk’s injury then one has to think they’d be, at max, only a couple of games behind the Spurs for best record in the league.
  3. Chicago Bulls– Yea, I’m taking the plunge. Chicago is a couple of games in the loss column behind Boston, but Boston’s recent move has forced me to consider Chicago as the best team in the East. Also, if we are to say that there are 8 elite teams, 4 being in each conference, Chicago now has wins over each of the other 7. That’s impressive. Really impressive.
  4. Boston Celtics– Like I said, the loss of Kendrick Perkins makes this team less complete. I understand that they think Shaq is good enough to replace him, but Shaq is rarely healthy. I don’t disagree with the move because I get that they weren’t going to be able to pay what he was going to demand. However, it does hurt them in the short run.
  5. L.A. Lakers– People were leaving them for dead after there 3 game losing streak, but since then they have won 4 in a row and before that losing streak they won 4 in a row. That means they have won 8 our of their last 11. However, let’s look at some of these 8 wins shall we? New York, Boston, Memphis, New Orleans, Portland, and OKC. ALL AWAY. Throw in a win at home over Atlanta, and that’s 7 our of their 8 wins being over winning teams, and 6 of those being on the road. Sorry, but that says contender, and it isn’t even close.

The obvious omission is Miami. Here is the problem though, three of these teams (Dallas, Chicago, and Boston) all own multiple wins over Miami without having lost to them. The Spurs have also beaten Miami one time w/o a loss to them. The only team that I think a case can be made for is for Miami to be put in instead of L.A., but I just showed you that in the last 11 games L.A. has beaten 7 winning teams, 6 of them on the road. Everyone knows by this point that Miami has a losign record against the winning teams. Frankly, I just don’t think Miami’s body of work stacks up to these other teams.


About fyatroll

I'm a recent college graduate who is waiting to head to law school. I figured I'd use my down time to write about something that I truly enjoy, the Cleveland Cavaliers.
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4 Responses to Around the NBA: Power Rankings

  1. David R. Lynch says:

    The Spurs and Heat have not play a game against each other yet.

  2. Rich says:

    Yea, sorry about that. Didn’t check their schedule and just imagined a game I thought I saw. Still, wouldn’t change anything as far as the rankings go.

  3. Luis says:

    What do you think the Spurs chances of winning it all are? Do you think they’ll work out their new brand of basketball through the play offs or are gonna switch back to a defensive mentality in the postseason? Because i think that if they choose to do the latter, even though its probably the better idea, the adjustments required might cost them a series against a DAL/LAL team.

  4. fyatroll says:

    I think the Spurs will have to continue to play faster on offense. Duncan is no longer the offensive talent he once was and if they want to continue to succeed at this rate they will need to keep the tempo high in order to play to their strength, which is perimiter oriented offense.

    To me, they have the deepest team in the league. Because of that, I’d say they are the current favorites to win the title.

    Now, if there is one team that can give them some trouble it will be the Mavs. I simply don’t know who on the team is going to cover Dirk. Maybe Duncan can still do it, but because he’s been so under the radar this year, I’m just not sure. That said, the loss of Butler really hurts the Mavs, specifically on defense. If the Mavs can’t land a defensive wing (like Brewer) then I’d still favor the Spurs to beat them because they just have so much firepower on the outside. No one has a team of guards and wings that can score like the Spurs (Jefferson, Parker, Ginobli, Hill, Neal).

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