Game Recap #61: Cavaliers 119- Knicks 115

CELEBRATE!!! The Cavs won a game on the road. The first time since I don’t even remember when! In what was a crazy shoot-out, the Cavs made massive shots down the stretch that had you saying “NO, NO” and then “YES, YES.” Somehow, the Cavs managed to play the Knicks’ game and beat them at it. They shot the air out of the ball tonight shooting 50% from the field and going 12-21 from 3. They out-Knicked the Knicks. And I’m quite ok with it


Why no team was able to offer up anything for this man is beyond me. In what is becoming a normal AP stat line, he went 5-8 from the field scoring 13 points, grabbing 4 rebounds, and dishing out 7 assists. Like before, the majority of his assists are the type that lead directly to wide open, easy buckets. The guy honestly might be the best passer on the team. He’s about 10x the player Keith Bogans is. I have no idea what the hell Chicago was thinking not making an offer for him. Parker’s biggest play came as the game was winding down and he decided to hit a stand still, big boy three pointer. It was the second biggest shot of the game.

Baron Davis has talent

No, I don’t think Baron Davis in Cleveland is going to end pretty. It’s game one of what is going to be a long 2+ years. It’s easy to play hard when you first join the team. Call me when he continues to play hard a year from now when the team is still bad. I’ll be stunned if he does.

That said, he was really good tonight. He, like Parker, was creating some very easy lay-ups for Hickson. The guy still has super talent. He was gifted great strength and athleticism in a PG sized body with PG handles. He’s always been one of the most gifted players in the league. You can immediately see the problems that we will have Baron. He takes bad shots. Most of his threes were bad shots. The three that he hit that sealed the game was a bad shot. But when it goes in it goes in. The man came through tonight. Hats off to you Baron.

The battle of the front courts

Hickson and Samuels did a pretty damn good job against Amare and Melo. No, they didn’t give much resistance on defense, but they played well enough on offense and on the boards to at least limit the huge advantage the Knicks had. Again, you see the long-term problems here. The defense by playing two guys of this size is always going to be well below average. But, again, for what this team currently is right now, they were a big bright spot.

I’m not sure if Samuels will be anything valuable. I still so no without much hesitation, but who knows. I do know I’m not going to rush to make a judgment that a guy can really play based on a couple of games. A lot of people will though, and that’s fine. They may end up being very right and I might end up being very wrong. Either way, he’s playing well right now and he’s a positive for the team. Long term, who knows. Right now, who cares?

Around the league race to the draft watch

-Nets won (good)

-Raptors lost (bad..although they played the Nets)

-Wolves lost (bad)

-Bucks lost (bad)

Didn’t get the help we need from the rest of the league tonight.

Oh well, here is hoping we play the Knicks every game for the rest of the season.


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I'm a recent college graduate who is waiting to head to law school. I figured I'd use my down time to write about something that I truly enjoy, the Cleveland Cavaliers.
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