Game Recap #63: Warriors 95- Cavaliers 85

In what was a pretty boring affair, the Cavaliers managed to shoot themselves out of a game that it looked like they would easily win early. After a hot start, the Cavaliers shot in the low 30s percentage wise and wound up losing to the Warriors by 10 points.

No floor spacing

My fears are coming true. JJ Hickson cannot operate without playing next to a floor-spacing big man. Problem: There are none of those on this roster to put next to him. Harangody just doesn’t have the ability/talent/shooting/anything to justify starting him and giving him significant minutes. Even if they did, he’d have to prove to opposing teams that he actually can spread the floor in order to draw the defense out.

It isn’t just Jamison being out though that is having a negative impact on parts of the Cavs’ offense. It’s the loss of Mo Williams and Moon in exchange of Baron Davis. It’s also Daniel Gibson playing like clown that just got fired from his job of entertaining birthday parties (what?). There is no one for Scott to turn to in order to space the floor. No one. Baron Davis has been the best outside for the Cavs in the last 4 games. That’s a guy who shoots a career percentage of under nearly 30%. No team is going to give up the paint in order to get out on that type of shooter. They’ll let him shoot.

The Defense..

Well, it was certainly better tonight that it has been the three previous games. In case you haven’t noticed, the defense w/o Jamison hasn’t improved. The three games prior in which Jamison didn’t play the opponent’s all shot 52% and over. Tonight, the Cavs actually held to the Warriors to 45% shooting and only 95 points. That should have been enough to win. Still, though, there were breakdowns on that end. Quite a few easy lay-ups for the guards of the Warriors and some open threes. That is a two-fold problem. One, the Cavaliers have terrible defenders on the perimeter. We know this. The other problem is that the Cavs have 0 shot-blockers. We also know this. It’s another reason why playing such a small front-court hurts this team tremendously. If they had some lock-down defenders at the guard spots, their lack of shot-blocking wouldn’t get exposed as much.

That’s about it for tonight. I’m really, really worried about Hickson. He HAS to learn to play the 4 in order to be a viable option for this team going forward. There is no other option.


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I'm a recent college graduate who is waiting to head to law school. I figured I'd use my down time to write about something that I truly enjoy, the Cleveland Cavaliers.
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