Around the NBA: A Statistical Comparison of the Heat and Cavs

This will be fun. I looked at stats from last year’s Cavs team and compared them to this year’s Miami team.

Offensive Eff


Deffensve Eff


Opponent FG%
CLE- 44.2%

PT. Diff.
CLE- +6.5
MIA- +7.2

Last year’s Cavs’ team was better offensively and amazingly played faster than this Miami team and neither team plays/played fast. Miami is a better defensive team to a degree. Both teams are roughly the exact same league rank in all of these categories. For instance they both ranked 22 in pace, and were just a spot or two apart in the other categories listed.

Obviously, if I were to compare Miami to the 08-09 Cavs’ team, the Cavs would win every single category. Basically, not only will this Miami team fall short in terms of regular season wins each Cavs team accumulated the last two seasons, but at the very least it only equals them statistically, and if compared to the 08-09 team, falls extremely short.

Question: if this Miami team has more talent, shouldn’t it show up somewhere? If not the win column, than at least the statistics?

One day I will really venture into a fairly untouched question: Does LeBron James make his teammates better? In Cleveland, it was widely believed he did but that his teammates just sucked so bad that that was as good as he could make them. The excuse now is what? There are serious flaws in the man’s game that need to be adressed and can’t continue to be discounted. Untill he fixes them, I think he’s always going to be on a team that struggles in the half-court offensively simply because he dominates the ball so much. I say all that because I know a lot of people will simply blame the coaches. Mike Brown was considered to be a poor coach (including by me) and I’m thinking most people are starting to think Spoelstra is too. Perhaps we need to take a long, hard look at the common denominator. Just perhaps.

Obviously this post is rendered null and void if the Heat go on to win the title this year.


About fyatroll

I'm a recent college graduate who is waiting to head to law school. I figured I'd use my down time to write about something that I truly enjoy, the Cleveland Cavaliers.
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1 Response to Around the NBA: A Statistical Comparison of the Heat and Cavs

  1. Ted Samuel says:

    Lebron is not infallible. His game has flaws and weaknesses, but EVERY player’s game flaws. Even if he was the perfect player: could those past Cavs teams had won a championship? Probably not.

    It’s up to him to improve his weaknesses(back to the basket play, moving without the ball, etc) if he wants to have a successful long term career, but it’s only as serious as team/coach’s allows it.

    Anyway, comparing the most successful Cavs teams to the current Miami team is an easy yet flawed comparison. There are too many variables: the East is clearly the deepest it has been in years, those Cavs were together for years/Miami hasn’t even finish a season yet, playoff numbers are the key, etc.

    It’s as easy and flawed as saying Lebron’s departure is the ONLY reason the 2010-2011 Cavs have lost 50 plus games this season.

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