Game Recap #73: Heat 90- Cavaliers 102



Seriously, this is the most excited I’ve been about a Cavalier’s game all season. Not only did they beat the Heat, THEY GOT THEIR FIRST DOUBLE-DIGIT WIN OF THE SEASON! That’s both sad and beautiful all at once.

Let’s get the negatives out of the way first.

Ramon Sessions you continue to break my heart. Baron Davis continues to show us why Ramon Sessions isn’t very good. How many passes did Baron make tonight where you said “No way Ramon makes that pass. No way he even looks at that pass.” Also, he lost Mike Bibby about 25 straight times in the 2nd half and allowed him to shoot open threes. That is quite amazing considering Mike stands in one spot for an entire possession and is no threat whatsoever to drive by anyone.

Ok, that’s that. On the many, many positives.

Anthony Parker, Ryan Hollins, and Baron Davis are our big 3. At least tonight they were. Ryan Hollins had one of the all-time monster performances that doesn’t show up in the box score. He set a tone with hard fouls and not backing down to Dwyane Wade early in the game. He had monster blocks, including back-t0-back blocks on Chris Bosh which led to an Anthony Parker lead. He was simply tougher than anyone in the paint for the Heat. Finally, he ran the court extremely well getting a couple of fast-break dunks and allowing other players to get open the break by pulling the defense towards the paint. EASILY Hollins best game this year.

Baron Davis is showing everyone why Ramon Sessions isn’t the future. I mentioned this earlier, but he made multiple passes that Sessions simply wouldn’t make. Go back and look at that last Anthony Parker three, where Davis drove the lane and kicked it back out for an open 3. There is simply 0 chance Sessions isn’t forcing that lay-up instead of hitting the open (and hot) man.  Also, he doesn’t continue to get lost on defense over and over.

Anthony Parker hit big 3 after big 3. He hit threes when the Heat were making runs. He hit threes when the Cavs were trying to push the lead to big numbers. He hit threes to seal the game. He hit threes off the bounce with people in his face. His best game in quite some time.

Hickson also played well. Both he and Hollins absolutely abused Chris Bosh both mentally and physically. You could honestly tell it was part of the game plan for those two to just rough Bosh up. Bosh, like most of us expect of him, wilted. It’s going to be hilarious watching him going against the Bulls and Celtics frontline in the playoffs. He’s going to get man-handled.

Finally, the defense was really solid. The three-point defense was still a no-show, but my god the defense at the rim. They blocked shots and if they didn’t block shots they were given hard fouls time and time again. That’s something they could have been doing the entire season. That’s something that could have led to more wins. I’m glad they decided to do it tonight. Don’t give up freebie lay-ups and force a team to earn it at the line. Guess what, the Heat didn’t earn it and shot 63% from the line.

Stat of the game has to be Ryan Hollins’ +33 to Bosh’s -25. Honestly, if you watched the whole game, it played out exactly like it sounds. Ryan Hollins was fantastic, Chris Bosh was completely sucked.


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I'm a recent college graduate who is waiting to head to law school. I figured I'd use my down time to write about something that I truly enjoy, the Cleveland Cavaliers.
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