Game Recap #75: Cavaliers 107- Wizards 115

Is this Moses Malone or Andray Blatche?

Well that was probably the ugliest game I’ve watched all season. It isn’t the worst the Cavs have played but when you combine their play with the Wizards play, it is the ugliest total game I’ve witnessed this year. Sooo many defensive breakdowns on both ends. The majority of the players on the court didn’t care about guarding anyone from the opposing team. I simply hate that type of lazy basketball.

Good teams can win in multiple ways, but they have at least one thing you can count on night in and night out. Bad teams, on the other hand, can lose in multiple ways and there is nothing they do consistently. The Cavs have lost games this year by shooting 35% from the field, defending the three point line like a wet paper towel, turning the ball over like a jr. high girls team and tonight by not knowing what exactly a rebound was. They gave up 27 offensive rebounds tonight. TWENTY. SEVEN. They were out-rebounded by 18. Astounding numbers. Andray Blatche, or from henceforth known as Moses #2, managed to nab 16 offensive rebounds tonight. In case you were wondering, thats the most since 1997. You know, fourteen years ago 1997. Andray Blatche.

Great box score night for the usual suspects. Again Hickson and Sessions wil impress the stat heads, but they were far from impressive. In what is becoming a disturbing trend, Hickson had a nice offensive game but had it totally off-set by getting abused by the man he was guarding. First it was Kris Humphries. Then it was Josh Smith. This was followed by Boris Diaw. Now it’s Moses #2. Not exactly murderer’s row there. Hickson, for all of his offensive improvement, is still an unmitigated disaster on defense in every since of the word. Everyone gets numbers against him.

This was Baron’s worst game as a Cav. You saw some of the things that make Baron Davis Baron Davis. A couple of dreadful defensive possessions. One which was a simply blow-by by the great Othyus Jeffers. That’s right, THE Othyus Jeffers. You also saw some excellent step back, middle of the shot clock, three pointers. Oh well. He’s played well enough to earn a pass. More depressing is the fact that he played so poorly yet you could still see a clear defense between how the offense looked when Baron was in the game and how it looked when Sessions was in. It just looked better with Baron.

That’s all I have for tonight. Just remember, Andray Blatche did things against this team that haven’t been done for a long time. Andray Blatche. Oy…..


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I'm a recent college graduate who is waiting to head to law school. I figured I'd use my down time to write about something that I truly enjoy, the Cleveland Cavaliers.
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